A multi-tasking operating system for the x86 32-bit PC architecture

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This page provides links for downloading XOS binaries, sources and documentation.

By clicking on any of the links below, you indicate that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions on the Legal page under which this software and documentation are provided.

XOS Version 4.5.1

This is the current version of XOS as described on the Overview page. Anyone new to XOS should use this version. Anyone currently working with version 3.1.69 should seriously consider switching to this version. All current devleopment is being done on this version.

The only method currently available to download and install this version as a bootable system uses the mkxosinst program to create an XOS boot disk on a USB "flash stick". See the Install page for details.

xosmkinst.exe (about 500KB) This is the executable for the MS Windows program (version 1.2.0) that is used to create an XOS boot disk.

xos_4_5_1.xid (about 18MB) This is the data file used by xosmkinst. It contains all of the executable code and source files for XOS.

xosmkinst_1_2_0.zip (about 1.7MB) This zip file contains the complete source for xosmkinst.exe. It contains 3 VC++ 6 projects. The swc and zlib projects must be built before xosmkinst is built. It may be necessary to modify some of the search paths depending on where on your system the VC++ 6 files are located.

The following zip files are provided for anyone who just wants to examine the XOS code without creating a bootable disk. Everything in these files is included in the xid file above so it is not necessary to download any of these if you are using the xid file.

xossys_4_5_1.zip (about 10.5MB) This file contains the xossys directory tree which contains all of the executable code, library files, and header files.

xossrc_4_5_1.zip (about 5.2MB) This file contains the xossrc directory tree which contains all of the internally written XOS source code.

xosaux_4_5_1.zip (about 5.2MB) This file contains the xosaux directory tree which contains all of the source code for external packages.

XOS Documentation

Unfortunately, the XOS documentation that has been written is seriously out of date. These two manuals describe a version of XOS (3.2.0) which is only slighter newer than version 3.1.69. Unfortunately, we have not had the resources to update these manuals and this situation is not likely to change very soon. Since the basic structure of XOS has not changed and we believe that these manuals will provide some useful information, we have decided to make than available as-is. Please refer to the list of differences on the Overview page when using these manuals.

NOTE: Some versions of the Acrobat plug-in have signficant bugs. It will often work better to right-click on the links, save to a file, and use the external Acrobat reader to view the document.

xosug_old.pdf (about 1MB) This is the XOS User's Guide which describes the XOS commands.

xospg_old.pdf (about 1.5MB) This is the XOS Programmer's Guide which describes the XOS API.

XOS Version 3.1.69

This version of XOS is obsolete, deprecated, not supported, etc. It is provided in case anyone really wants to look at it. If you are seriously interested in doing anything with XOS please use version 4.5.0.

There are two ways to download and install version 3.1.69 of XOS. You can download the binary and boot zip files and install XOS from these. You can also download the source zip file if desired. Alternately, you can download a zipped ISO image of a bootable XOS CD. XOS can be run from this CD or it can be copied to a hard drive. This CD also includes the complete XOS and external sources.

xos_3_1_69.zip (about 2.6MB) This Zip file contains the XOS directory tree which contains all executables needed to install and run XOS. (The program used to unzip this file must support long file names.) See Installing XOS for installation instructions.

boot_3_1_69.zip (about 20KB) This Zip file contains an image of an XOS boot floppy disk which can be used to boot XOS from a hard drive. It also includes a DOS utility which will copy the image to a floppy disk.

xossrc_3_1_69.zip (about 10MB) This Zip file contains the XOS sources. (The program used to unzip this file must support long file names.)

xosaux_3_1_69.zip (about 150KB) This Zip file contains the sources for all external software needed to build XOS. This includes ZLIB (needed to build XZIP and XUNZIP).

xoscd_3_1_69.zip (about 11MB) This Zip file contains an ISO image for a bootable XOS CD. The image contains everything from the other Zip files available here.

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